1 year with Aiden John

It’s hard to believe that 1 year ago I had another baby. I wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant on my own, and I certainly didn’t believe I would carry that baby to viability. I say viability because “to term” wasn’t even a remote possibility in my head. Marian, my daughter, came very early at 27 weeks and I had expected the same thing to happen again. Fortunately, Aiden kept baking to 31 weeks.

Fast forward, I can’t imagine this little boy not being in my life. He is a true miracle from God above. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would have another child. I cherished this year so much. At times it was hard, I won’t lie about that. The first time I was alone with both children, I was freaking out a bit. As you can guess, we survived and both kids thrived despite my exhaustion.

I’m rambling on like I usually do, let’s talk about this sweet little boy and how he brings so much joy and love into our life.


You guys, I’ve never met a more smiley baby in my life. He even smiles when you are mad and telling him no. That’s my least favorite because he doesn’t even care you are trying to reprimand him. So different from my daughter. She would look at you with concern and then cry and stop what she was doing. Sure there were times when she wouldn’t listen, but that rarely happened.

One example is both kids have this fascination with the animals’ food dishes. They want to turn the water bowls over and play with the cat and dog food. I can only guess this is a common thing babies love to play in. When I tell Aiden no, he just looks at me and smiles and keeps doing what he was doing. In comparison, Marian would look at me with concern, not smile, and either just sit there for a moment and crawl away or cry. Two completely different kids. I can only wonder if it’s a difference between a boy and a girl. If that’s the case then I’m in trouble, so much trouble.

He’s not one to cry unless he is hungry, dirty, or tired. It’s great because once I take care of whatever is wrong, he’s back to being the smiley, happy baby is always is. Again, so different from his sister. Aiden being my second, I feel like I know what I’m doing in many aspects. It wasn’t that long ago I was taking care of the same aged baby. The kids are only a year and a half apart.

The cutest thing he is doing right now is shaking is head back and forth but it’s not to say no. It’s less communication and more for fun. He loves it when you do it back to him. He also loves to blow raspberries and give open mouth kisses. They are the sloppiest kisses you’ll every receive but I think it’s the cutest thing ever.


Maybe I should say lack speech at the moment but he is saying dada, mama, ohhhh and ahhhh sounds. He is a screamer just like his big sister. I called Marian, Mimi and still do to this day because I thought Marian sounded like Mariah Carey when she hit those high notes. Mimi happens to be a nickname for Mariah. Although Aiden can’t scream that high, he does his best to blow out your ears.

I know at this stage he should most likely be making more sounds but I have to keep in mind that he was born 2 months early and therefore might not be as advanced as his peers who are the same age. We have had his 12-month appointment and the doctor is happy with his progress in speech, movement, and weight/height.


A few months ago, I was worried about him not crawling or turning over much. I spoke to his doctor at his 9-month appointment and she suggested physical therapy. I did take him for a bit. I’m not sure if that did it or if it just all clicked for him all of a sudden but before I knew it, he was turning, crawling, sitting up, all of it. It was overnight and happened so naturally for him.

Today, he is crawling everywhere (even in the dog food like I said). Goodness he is fast, he might as well be walking, that’s how fast he has learned to crawl around. He’s also pulling up to stand on pretty much everything and anything. He even stands on his big sister’s comfy chair which can scare me at times. I’ve noticed he’s now starting to cruise around the furniture too.

I’m convinced he will be walking in no time. His sister was 16 months when she started, he’s definitely going to beat her at this point.


We are loosely following the same schedule we had for his sister.

8 am Wake up – he may be up already but he usually just plays in his crib or does his singing/talking thing. He will usually have cheerios and yogurt for breakfast and then it’s playtime. He’s still waking up a few times a night. The last wake up is usually around 6 am so he doesn’t want a bottle when he first wakes up.

10 am first nap – He gets a bottle and is put down. This can last from 1 to 2 hours just depending on that day.

12 pm lunch – this boy loves his carbs, he will have some crackers and some kind of puree veggie. He doesn’t have any teeth at this point. You may think that is strange but Marian didn’t get any teeth till she was about 14 months. After lunch more playtime.

2 pm second nap – Another bottle and again, this nap can vary as well. We won’t let him sleep past 4:30 pm because that can mess up his bedtime

4 pm wake up, snack, and playtime!

6 pm dinner – He can’t generally eat everything we are eating now but I either make him something or give him some food from the dinner I had cooked.

6:30 pm bathtime – both kids get a bath every other day right now since they aren’t going outside as much. Sometimes they get more baths depending on activities and it could be any time of the day. We stay flexible with this.

7 pm bedtime!


I thank God every day that you came into our lives. You were the biggest and best surprise I think we will ever experience. The missing piece to my heart, you have made life even sweeter.

I love you, my son, forever and always, for the rest of my life.

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